What is WRAP®

Wellness Recovery Action Planning WRAP® has been a very successful initiative available in NUI Galway through the Student Health Unit since 2015. WRAP® is for anyone who wants to create positive change in the way they feel or increase their enjoyment in life. 

An integral aim of the project is to establish a group of Student Trainers who will then enter a mentoring programme to provide WRAP® Seminar 1 to their peers.


In 2020 we in the Student Health Unit were delighted to be awarded the Rethink Ireland Innovate Together Fund . This has enabled us to further expand our  WRAP® programme to benefit increased numbers of students and staff in NUI Galway in collaboration with the Copeland Centre for Wellness and Recovery.  


If you would like more information or are interested in attending a WRAP® session please contact Fiona Fitzgerald, Project Coordinator- fiona.m.fitzgerald@nuigalway.ie